Mold damage serious risk

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We are resurfacing the concrete due to you signing off paper when concrete was still wet and cracked
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Hello, Mike from Top Job

I found way to place in concrete by unscrewing the two or three boards and that would include concrete. I would worry about that now a days because crazy flood storms even though you excavated property.

If you decide to go with another contractor for lower amount just don t see how they can pay seal your house up properly. Health is number one priority. Any of that mold contaminates other section of house is serious risk.

When you remove the plywood has to still be properly cleaned. No doubt 1000 and 1000 of man hours of techs on job sites

We know that it will cling to your fabrics , papers anything organically grow. My mother in law actually passed away from this and at the time I did not know her. I could not prevent the mold. Which is now removed mold in my father in law house. It was from a leak from the roof.

My point being is huge advocated cancer related topics. (Mold prevention) Babies and people well into their thirties are susceptible to this and get just mildly ill and just don’t realize how contracting allergies and coughing irritable throat etc

Just watch who you choose -contractor , cleaning tech and basically there is a science to eliminating mold with a zero percent chance risk.

I can throw in a cheaper Petri dish on the third day and sample the lower results should not be any mold at all.

I forgot to tell you I scrape mold on every job.

This is the one I took from last week at your house.

Mold damage can be very serious concern to people in their later stages in their life and new borns Top Job can t express that enough for every bodies safety.

Should always look for a companies up to date credentials for new state of the art equipment is always out there for safer measures to eradicate mold safely and properly. Top Job mold damage services is a certified clean trust business firm who hopes you chose a more reputable company than other companies may just frankly winging it. We also teach mold classes and keep up on newest ways to clean and remove mold for best results. Top Job Mold Remediation keeps up monthly on mold techniques always keeps open mind on safety issues !

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Sewer lines signs of being Clog Montgomery & Bucks County ,Pa

Sewer lines can be clogged whether it clogged by tree roots, thick toilet paper, Female products.

If not caught in time or writing a sign on bathroom do not flush ! Severe damage , expensive destruction

can occur, especially excavation work.

Average homeowner might know sewer lines go to main sewer line under ground. Beyond that homeowners not

think about it . Top Job has unique points of views can talk over the phone, briefly . Help you trouble

shoot the problem and is experienced in this field and has formal training and worked in Bucks County Sewer

company . May help out in the long run before calling any one out and just executing a plan .

This is usually the case , if needed major back ups . Top Job are experts in clean ups, insurance policy

hassle free communication with insurance companies. Also hands on from the beginning to the end ,

reliable !

Sewage line clogs lead to raw sewage back ups from drains , toilets , etc cause severe damage .

Red flags !

Toilets from the plumbing , gurgling sounds water backing up from the drains , too.

House basically can talk to you listening to these sounds especially when it rains or maybe your two year

old just wanted to play with the toilet and hide his toys . Washer is percolating sounds like a coffee

pot . Clogs can occur in the main sewer line and also the secondary pipes , if you need Top Job

to come and look at it or call Just email for answers here to

help first , people who do great work care about the customers primary concerns first .

Pressure adjustment

If you get a clog or suspect that blocked pipe , sewer line is the cause, shut off the water at the

source whether main line or behind your toilet , washer , dishwasher and access panels .

Home owners who can can access their sewer line can clean out line – remove clean out cap release pressure

build up and send water back out not in your home.

Solutions Maintenance

Fill your sinks to the top and then drain them once or twice a month . That water pressure will help

ensure you have proper flow threw pipes and move out waste that is sitting in the lines.

May request a camera inspection .

Technicians will use the following useful tools .

Run a cable in the sewer line. Find the problem use an auger.

Client s point of view .

I have had black sewage coming into my home, and under my house since 99″. I have contacted PWD

the water department and have been treated poorly . My sewage line runs across neighbors yard

obviously conflict , so I had a huge problem.

Advice before anyone coming out , you can insure you pipes through the city each month.

Now if you have a couple hundred yards of pipes it might just be a logical to do that service.

Whether it is major or minor repairs call .

Public Adjuster For Hire Bux-Montgomery County , Pa

What is a Public adjuster ?

Insurance claim- maximize your claim, yes? But in any event helps protect you get money you may

need to finish , preserve your biggest investment your home . Come up short with putting back your house,

your life and much more , usually most biggest investment and can be so traumatic .

Insurance companies have insurance adjusters work for them to minimize the loss.

Adjusters ( PA NJ ) one can and work ( Top Job ) ,in tandem with the insurance company to have a mediator

( go between person) help you out and give money back to your home, Negotiator! Worth its

weight and gold to use for your protection and investment.

Top Job ( refers ) have independent adjusters who work soley for the policy holder and not for the

insurance company.

Why does this matter ? It means public adjusters have no conflict of interest when negotiating on your

behalf with the insurance companies.

It also means the public adjuster will usually contact you after a disaster. Knowing what important to

ask or the key to distinguishing between reliable and UNTRUSTWORTHY firms . Top Job is a Certified

Restoration & Cleaning Certified Firm Business who has to answer to world renown-global companies .

Such as IICRC and Clean Trust symbol on website , got get the job done right the first time!

All the years of training , certifications and time put in – the customer is right , listen to them,

write every detail down on work sheets , and positive feed back to the customer always . Just great

judgement between and customer and negotiator , will help and get your money sooner than later .

It also means , especially in disaster events sometimes you want to be pre selective on who pick

to come out. Execute your plan and ask a lot of questions when you have someone enter your home ,

and letting them into your world and get feel of a honest person ,who can answer all your questions!

Difference between a reliable adjuster and a untrustworthy firm . One good way to know if an adjuster

is reliable to ask if they are NAPIA ,testimonials, facebook , and google listings.

Adjusters negotiate in – water damage restoration , sewer lines , mold damage , leaky pipes, dishwashers ,

roof damage , wind , fire and water damage restoration , Mold Remediation and anything directly loss to

Property damage . Quick phone call 267 973 8653 Thomas has been in the business for 20 years and

can give all expert advice , field in insurance claim policy holder , how the problem occurred . So

you are basically prepped on how to go about and figure out what you say to the insurance company .

When your being recorded by the insurance company you want to make sure you don t accidentally say the

wrong thing and than being documented.

Any 24/7 emergency question you need feel free to call 267 973 8653 Mike

It may be anything related to physical work , paper work and just sound piece of mind . Top Job

has been doing this for a long time , every incident is a unique claim but we have decades and decades

of experience. Top Job is here to help !

Roof Tree Removal Services Water Damage Philadelphia Pa Surrounding areas

Roof Damage Repairs Emergency Services and Immediate Assistance on the Hotline Command Center

Tree removal off roof structural building and repairs to trestle ( carpenters ) roof repairs

patch services and roof installation .

For clean up after a storm, Top Job Roofing and Tree removal . Storms, wind and disruption can cause

turmoil. Top Job can help you put back your life and peace of mind during a tumultuous experience .

Top Job provides 24/7 around the clock emergency services , boards up in Philadelphia and surrounding

areas including parts Nj.

Falling Trees , branches and oversized trees can cause severe damage

Exterior and Interior structural damage to you your home or commercial building

Telephone wires , mail boxes and property .

Our emergency crew tree removal and roof specialist ( in house company ) is here to help clean up ,

remove debris and safely board up property and fix total damages and work with insurance companies

or public adjusters.


Diagnosis & Solution

You can call anytime and we ll get back to you as soon as possible – absolutely in hour or little after .

What to expect from top notch company ?

Tree estimator and or Roof specialist if needed come to property , provided a professional estimate

and go over the bigger details and minor ones – complete total communication through whole process.

If a tree or branch falls on garage, property , car and or anything imaginable with cost value –

move thrown insurance claims process , maximizing your policy coverage and minimizing stress. Also

work with public adjusters .

Our expert crane or technicians for smaller tree removal services take great care to protect you property .

A tree is worse enough falling but dealing with insurance companies to move the process faster to

complete insurance claims sooner than later .

-Insurance policies typically cover all or part of the cost to remove trees or branches from your home

or other structure / building .

-Insurance policies do not cover trees and branches that fall on lawns , driveways ,or bushes .

-If your healthy tree or branches fall on a neighbor s property during a storm you are not responsible

for the damage . The neighbor s homeowner s insurance homeowner s insurance will cover clean-up

repairs to their property .

-If your dead tree or its branches fall on a neighbor s property , you will be due to negligence.

Protect your financial well being by removing dead trees and dead branches. Keep healthy trees pruned to

avoid property damage or bodily injury .

If your not sure of insurance policy call or insurance company to read policy .

Request more information check our website

We also provide water damage restoration services, mold . sewage , dry wall , structural drying .

Bucks County , Chester County , Delaware County & Philadelphia County and South New Jersey Services

Provided Pa contractor License , Nj Contractors License and Philadelphia Contractors License

Water Damage Repairs Montgomery County Pa

Top Job Construction Restoration & Cleaning Services

Specialize in Property damage specialist and maximize insurance claims. We have public adjuster to

help you figure out the real value of the assessment property claim loss. 24/7 command center is linked

to all your emergency needs. Top Job local company in Chester & Montgomery Counties to get your

site in under an hour . At this point assessment catastrophic team or minor issues need to be handle .

Time it takes asses is usually 15 minutes to an hour. Call or , will talk over the

phone 24/7 around the clock to give you and idea of the cost budget and can get in direct contact with

no hassle direct insurance billing . Top Job works in tandem with Public adjuster so its just easier

get you paid out of insurance claims and giving you an upfront estimate and always documenting every

detail , so every little item is paid for from the insurance company. Top Job also uses Xactimate

program to bill it to your insurance company in fair assessment , so the insurance companies recognize

a fair value of your damage loss.

Plumbing Services

Top Job has plumbing company that is They are also a 24/7 sister company

who does commercial, municipal and residential plumbing , drain cleaning, sewer line cleaning, and

pipe installation and french drains and excavate properties to lay pipes back into ground .

Roof damage specialist

Top Job also repairs and tarps off roofs , whether its flashing repair , chimney vent, patch or

entire new roof. We remove trees off of the house that maybe on roof and siding , Top Job installs

new trestle framework that was damage from wind , water damage , and debris. Top Job has professional

carpenters that are trained to come out and give estimate and explain what they are exactly going to

do on job site . They also work with insurance companies and document pictures .

Drywall and Painting

Top Job is a bigger company who has team of dry wallers , painters and construction crews who can

can put back you house with in days . We use the top of line paints and organic paints . We have

professional scaffolding , quality durable tarps to have scratch resistant for hardwood floors .

Emergency Water Mold Sewage Clean up

Top Job also certified clean trust business firm . We have all the technicians trained and certified in

Mold damage remediation , mold damage clean up , testing equipment for mold testing before and after

testing . Sewage clean up trucks to remove all contaminates safely , effectively , expediently.

Water damage restoration company who extract water from the basement floods, wet carpet, flooring ,

dry wall , wet bathrooms tile – green board , Attics wet insulation .plywood and garment restoration

pack out Top Job has in plant Dry cleaning garment restoration company.