Radon Testing Services

Radon is a colorless, odorless, radioactive gas. it is produced by the natural decay of radium and exists at varying concentrations throughout the Southeastern Pennsylvania region. Radon is emitted from the ground and diluted to an insignificant level in the atmosphere. Being a gas , radon can travel through the soil and into a building through the cracks and other openings in the foundation.

Radon is drawn from the soil through the foundation when indoor pressure is less than that in the soil. Radon levels are generally higher in winter due to the buoyancy of warm indoor air, furnace and fireplace drafts, and power exhaust fans. There are two effective approaches to radon management . Neither cost much so they be standard practice in new construction.

The Barrier Approach

Like a boat in water, the barrier approach keeps radon out by making it difficult for it to get in . What works to keep a basement dry also works to keep radon out. Because radon is a gas , the approach relies on infiltration-control measure such as the foundation. Waterproofing and damp proofing membranes outside the wall and under the slab are excellent barriers.

The Suction Approach

Suction systems collect radon from under the foundation and vent it to the outdoors . They do this by creating a stronger suction that that of the building itself . Suction systems are preferred where high potential for radon exists .

The systems have two parts: collection and discharge. A collection system adds little to construction costs, and the discharge system can be deferred until proven necessary . The collection system may utilize the existing moisture drainage system , or individual suction taps may be installed at the rate of one per 500 square feet of floor. A single tap, however, is adequate for a slab poured over a 4-inch layer of clean coarse gravel.

Electrical Repair And Installation

At Top Job, we install and repair many electrical components.  Electricty can be dangerous,  if you use common sense, you can work with it safely.  The most important thing to remember is to always turn off the power at the main service panel before working on a circuit.  Check the circuit with a voltage tester to make sure that it is powerless.  This can be very daunting.  We here at Top Job have certified electricians available that know all aspects of electrical installation and repair.

All electrical procedeures and materials are governed by electricial codes.  For example, these codes may prohibit the use of certain types of of cable, particular size wiring, minimum number of circuits, etc.  The codes are there for you protection.  Let Top Job interpret the codes, obtain the permits, and speak to building inspectors.

Top Job can handle multiple electrical needs.  Installing Service Panels – upgrade from 100 to 200 amp service, confirming all boxes are grounded.   Electrical boxes – we can add circuit breakers to the box of any size to fit your needs.  Wiring repair –  installation of new wiring, outlets, and GFI’s.  High voltage recepticals – Installing high voltage receptacles for appliances.  Wiring switches – adding switches such as automatic, toggle, slider/dimmer, push button and rotating dial switches.  Installing new or replacing existing lighting fixtures – ceiling fans, chandeliers, track/recessed lighting, outdoor lighting fixtures, you name it.

Top Job is a licenced Pennsylvania full general contracting company, with certified electricians, skilled carpenters, plumbing/HVAC systems, and masonry workers.  We also provide emergency service work, such as flood and sewage clean up, fire board ups, etc.  Experienced Insurance Adjusters are available on staff to help with insurance companies processes.

We are confident and able to get the job done for you.  By choosing Top Job, you are making the right decision to have competent electricians provide the experience and skill needed to complete the job efficiently and in a timely manner.  We can provide a stress free solution to all your electrical needs.