Solving problems drains pluming

To get the most force , plug the overflow fitting with a wet towel when plunging a bathtub. Standing water also helps.

A plumber’s auger is the safest way to clear stubborn jams in household pipes , which is a risk with the some caustic chemical drain cleaners , such as those that contain acid or lye . An auger is simply a flexible wound wire cable that you turn into the pipe either by hand or with a special drill. Another option is to used water and air pneumatic to dislodge a jam . These pneumatic devices typically fit over the stopped drain and release a charge of air into the standing water .

Clearing the clog
Tubs fitted with an a internal drain stopper , called a trip waste , require extra attention when they become clogged. Removing the linkage helps you diagnose the problem . Check the drainage flow by running water down the drain. If the drain fails to empty properly , the clog is farther down the line . If the drain flows freely , the trip waste is stretched and the stopper is too low in the drain tee, blocking flow even when open. Shorten the linkage by 1/4 inch ; tighten the lockout, and replace the linkage- the drain should work fine.

To access a trip waste linkage for cleaning . remove both screws ; grip the overflow plate and lift out linkage.

Sluggish tub drainage may be caused by a stretched trip waste linkage . Remove the linkage, and shorten it shorten it about 1/4 inch.

Pop up plugs often clog with hair . Lift out the plug and linkage; remove the hair ; and replace the assembly .

When snaking a kitchen sink line , remove the trap , and bore directly into the line with a hand held drain auger .

To snake out a bath drain , remove the overflow plate ; pull out the trip waste linkage; and bore through the overflow .

When plumbing won’t clear a clogged floor drain , it’s best remove the plug and auger the line through the cleanout.

To reduce the noise from supply and drainpipes , wrap them with foam tubes and pack the wall cavities with insulation . ( Cast iron drains are quieter than plastic ones.) Severe pipe banging called water hammer, is caused by excessive water pressure or the abrupt shut off produced by the solenoid valves on dishwashers and clothes washers. To fix hammer , anchor the pipes to the framing with hangers or install a shock absorber . You can make a simple one by cutting in a T-fitting and a capped stem of pipe . Gas and oil filled shock absorber fittings also provide damping action.

To support water pipes and prevent rattling and banging against framing , use clip on pipe hangers .

Heat cables for sillcock wil help frozen pipes.