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We are resurfacing the concrete due to you signing off paper when concrete was still wet and cracked
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Hello, Mike from Top Job

I found way to place in concrete by unscrewing the two or three boards and that would include concrete. I would worry about that now a days because crazy flood storms even though you excavated property.

If you decide to go with another contractor for lower amount just don t see how they can pay seal your house up properly. Health is number one priority. Any of that mold contaminates other section of house is serious risk.

When you remove the plywood has to still be properly cleaned. No doubt 1000 and 1000 of man hours of techs on job sites

We know that it will cling to your fabrics , papers anything organically grow. My mother in law actually passed away from this and at the time I did not know her. I could not prevent the mold. Which is now removed mold in my father in law house. It was from a leak from the roof.

My point being is huge advocated cancer related topics. (Mold prevention) Babies and people well into their thirties are susceptible to this and get just mildly ill and just don’t realize how contracting allergies and coughing irritable throat etc

Just watch who you choose -contractor , cleaning tech and basically there is a science to eliminating mold with a zero percent chance risk.

I can throw in a cheaper Petri dish on the third day and sample the lower results should not be any mold at all.

I forgot to tell you I scrape mold on every job.

This is the one I took from last week at your house.

Mold damage can be very serious concern to people in their later stages in their life and new borns Top Job can t express that enough for every bodies safety.

Should always look for a companies up to date credentials for new state of the art equipment is always out there for safer measures to eradicate mold safely and properly. Top Job mold damage services is a certified clean trust business firm who hopes you chose a more reputable company than other companies may just frankly winging it. We also teach mold classes and keep up on newest ways to clean and remove mold for best results. Top Job Mold Remediation keeps up monthly on mold techniques always keeps open mind on safety issues !

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