Roof Tree Removal Services Water Damage Philadelphia Pa Surrounding areas

Roof Damage Repairs Emergency Services and Immediate Assistance on the Hotline Command Center

Tree removal off roof structural building and repairs to trestle ( carpenters ) roof repairs

patch services and roof installation .

For clean up after a storm, Top Job Roofing and Tree removal . Storms, wind and disruption can cause

turmoil. Top Job can help you put back your life and peace of mind during a tumultuous experience .

Top Job provides 24/7 around the clock emergency services , boards up in Philadelphia and surrounding

areas including parts Nj.

Falling Trees , branches and oversized trees can cause severe damage

Exterior and Interior structural damage to you your home or commercial building

Telephone wires , mail boxes and property .

Our emergency crew tree removal and roof specialist ( in house company ) is here to help clean up ,

remove debris and safely board up property and fix total damages and work with insurance companies

or public adjusters.


Diagnosis & Solution

You can call anytime and we ll get back to you as soon as possible – absolutely in hour or little after .

What to expect from top notch company ?

Tree estimator and or Roof specialist if needed come to property , provided a professional estimate

and go over the bigger details and minor ones – complete total communication through whole process.

If a tree or branch falls on garage, property , car and or anything imaginable with cost value –

move thrown insurance claims process , maximizing your policy coverage and minimizing stress. Also

work with public adjusters .

Our expert crane or technicians for smaller tree removal services take great care to protect you property .

A tree is worse enough falling but dealing with insurance companies to move the process faster to

complete insurance claims sooner than later .

-Insurance policies typically cover all or part of the cost to remove trees or branches from your home

or other structure / building .

-Insurance policies do not cover trees and branches that fall on lawns , driveways ,or bushes .

-If your healthy tree or branches fall on a neighbor s property during a storm you are not responsible

for the damage . The neighbor s homeowner s insurance homeowner s insurance will cover clean-up

repairs to their property .

-If your dead tree or its branches fall on a neighbor s property , you will be due to negligence.

Protect your financial well being by removing dead trees and dead branches. Keep healthy trees pruned to

avoid property damage or bodily injury .

If your not sure of insurance policy call or insurance company to read policy .

Request more information check our website

We also provide water damage restoration services, mold . sewage , dry wall , structural drying .

Bucks County , Chester County , Delaware County & Philadelphia County and South New Jersey Services

Provided Pa contractor License , Nj Contractors License and Philadelphia Contractors License

Water Damage Repairs Montgomery County Pa

Top Job Construction Restoration & Cleaning Services

Specialize in Property damage specialist and maximize insurance claims. We have public adjuster to

help you figure out the real value of the assessment property claim loss. 24/7 command center is linked

to all your emergency needs. Top Job local company in Chester & Montgomery Counties to get your

site in under an hour . At this point assessment catastrophic team or minor issues need to be handle .

Time it takes asses is usually 15 minutes to an hour. Call or , will talk over the

phone 24/7 around the clock to give you and idea of the cost budget and can get in direct contact with

no hassle direct insurance billing . Top Job works in tandem with Public adjuster so its just easier

get you paid out of insurance claims and giving you an upfront estimate and always documenting every

detail , so every little item is paid for from the insurance company. Top Job also uses Xactimate

program to bill it to your insurance company in fair assessment , so the insurance companies recognize

a fair value of your damage loss.

Plumbing Services

Top Job has plumbing company that is They are also a 24/7 sister company

who does commercial, municipal and residential plumbing , drain cleaning, sewer line cleaning, and

pipe installation and french drains and excavate properties to lay pipes back into ground .

Roof damage specialist

Top Job also repairs and tarps off roofs , whether its flashing repair , chimney vent, patch or

entire new roof. We remove trees off of the house that maybe on roof and siding , Top Job installs

new trestle framework that was damage from wind , water damage , and debris. Top Job has professional

carpenters that are trained to come out and give estimate and explain what they are exactly going to

do on job site . They also work with insurance companies and document pictures .

Drywall and Painting

Top Job is a bigger company who has team of dry wallers , painters and construction crews who can

can put back you house with in days . We use the top of line paints and organic paints . We have

professional scaffolding , quality durable tarps to have scratch resistant for hardwood floors .

Emergency Water Mold Sewage Clean up

Top Job also certified clean trust business firm . We have all the technicians trained and certified in

Mold damage remediation , mold damage clean up , testing equipment for mold testing before and after

testing . Sewage clean up trucks to remove all contaminates safely , effectively , expediently.

Water damage restoration company who extract water from the basement floods, wet carpet, flooring ,

dry wall , wet bathrooms tile – green board , Attics wet insulation .plywood and garment restoration

pack out Top Job has in plant Dry cleaning garment restoration company.

Commercial Water Damages Services HVAC Drying Roof Repairs

Commercial Structural Drying Repairs Hvac Roof Repairs Plumbing

Simple procedures to solutions to emergency services provided by Top Job Restoration Services

Commercial Structural Drying Location near Philadelphia Airport

Major Repair due to Hvac pipe burst located above the acoustic tiles .

Top Job Restore Located and detected tools devices find pipe with visual inspection and

water dampness meters detectors . All pictures will be located below . Call out for cooper pipe

burst and repaired pipe. All services were finished and within 48 hours of services.

Structural Drying was systematically placed with state of the art equipment to reverse and remove water


Axial blower fans were place in every 8 feet or so to stop water damage in their tracks. Dehumidifiers

are used every 1500 cubic feet for optimal drying levels if done properly , no smell whole duration

of project . Top Job Restore uses and application of mildew repellant to keep odors and harmful

bacteria in working space environments. Top Job uses a four cylinder Nissan engine a powerful water

extraction method with an attachment called a water claw. Water claw pulls out and or extracts over

ninety five percent of the water in areas affected of job site.

We check periodically with water meter detection over 48 hours showing that water is totally removed

and final completion so no water is behind walls , ceiling , etc. Certified companies are backed by

Certified Clean Trust Company Firm . Seal approval Better Business Bureau . Contractors who carry

Licensed and Insured are just a few ways to spot a competent company . These seals are located on

websites are not there just for cosmetic usage. These Certified seals are link right back to a

company who make sure these larger businesses say who they are and honor all work without a verbal

agreement . Simply put seals plastered on websites flat out contractors have to honor work through

strict guide lines .

Happy customers multiple step process from start to finish . Pictures are documented within the forty

eight hour process to visually process how the job gets done . Communication is started with the first

emergency service call placed through a 24/7 hot line command center. Scope of the job is figured out

within ten minutes and ballpark estimate can be given if you measure the dimension first to give you an

estimate up front before getting there on job site.

Technicians come out at very last part of the job to make sure everything is completed right.

This is very important so nothing is left to out of order . Procedure are followed so that there is

not any costly damages after this why it is mentioned over countless times seal of approval on web sites .

Mention on this article is and

We hope that you can use in the future if needed call fist signs of damages so saves you costly

repairs .

Pipe burst Water Damage Thaw Pipes

How to Prevent and handle Frozen Pipes

One Eighth of an inch crack can leak up to two fifty gallons of water a day causing flooding, structural damage , after forty eight hours mold can start growing every where water has came in contact.

When water is frozen especially in a water pipe, spigot pipe it expands ten percent more and causes the crack .   Ice forms more when temperatures drop outside  below freezing .

Cold wind removes heat from pipes and causes a great risk  ice blockage and than expands and cracks pipes .


This first storm of the new year is bitterly cold temperatures. Single digit numbers is frozen pipes in unheated basements ( pipes not heated at least at 55 degrees ) which can get to crawl spaces and unheated parts any where in you residential home or commercial building .

Major Frozen Pipes Issues


Water freezes, than expands causes major pressure –  Metal , plastic pipes will burst.  All areas that are usually affected outdoor faucets, swimming pool supply lines, water sprinkler lines , and water faucets .  Unheated interior spaces basements, attics , crawl spaces, garages, kitchen cabinets and dry wall cavities poorly insulated .

Pipe burst three common causes of frozen pipes :

Quick drop in temperature

Poor Insulation

Thermostats set below 55 degrees


Numerous steps to prevent pipes from freezing


Check insulation of pipes, water heaters wrapped tight with insulation in the basement – especially exposed pipes not insulated.


Electric heated  tape can control wrap pipes that are located in garage not to burst or anything similar.  Seal leaks that allow cold air inside near pipes are located .  Air leaks can be near dryer vents , electrical wiring , and pipes.   Use caulk or insulation to keep freezing temperatures coming into contact with pipes .  Open cabinets so heat can get to pipes .


Pipes happened to freeze


If your turn faucet nothing comes out , leave them on and call a plumber .

Any where a pipe burst turn off main supply line located in basement, bathroom cabinet, and kitchen cabinet sink.

Heat from your vents, electric baseboards is the only safe way to unfreeze your pipes NO TORCHES!

You might possibly thaw a pipe with warm air from hair dryer or space heater- start at the section where it is the coldest .

Once again if your pipe burst turn off main supply line and call 911 or the fire department – might be a fire sprinkler pipe and need to fix pipe by code and the fire department will make sure everything is up to par and properly fixed .  Sometimes pipe access is located in the walls and are located with and access panel it pops off and you can reach the pipe inside and turn off.
Also if you are going anywhere always leave the pipes heated – it is important to keep heat at fifty five degrees Fahrenheit

Emergency Services Plumbing Roofing Water Mold 365/24/7

Services provided Emergency Services If you are require immediate attention to Water Damage Claim call 267 973 8653.  Top Job  will correspond with  insurance company . After we get off the phone with you read or skim this blog and than immediately look up scroll down to  commercial , understand what Top Job Restoration is all about how putting back your life back together in days not weeks ,


Emergency Services , Fire Damage, Smoke Damage , Water Damage , Sewage Damage, Board ups, Garment Restoration , Pack outs , Direct Insurance Billing no out of pocket money, Inspections & Certified , Property Managers , HVAC & Sprinkler Licensed Installers , Public Adjusters & Agents , Large Loss recovery , Property Management , Energy Audit, Sewer Lines Installation ,   Our Phones are Live 24/7 command center , prompt and timely service.

We also Fire, Smoke & Soot Certified by Clean Trust Company Firm .

Water Removal we use state of the art equipment to complete work fast and less workers in your house done more efficiently.

Dehumidification for Structural drying we have industrial strength dehumidifiers for less days to dry out property or Residents for energy costs and more property to be salvage .

Catastrophic Storm Response we carry generators , Board up services , all equipment required to work fast and quality work to get things done asap.


Mold Remediation we are certified in Indoor Air Quality and fiber glass duct cleaning , air scrubbers to purify the air quality and test before and after for accurate results .


Pack out and Storage Top Job is Bonded Insured for send all contents onsite or a storage facility .


Garment Restoration Facility 24/7 to drop off and document all items and approval for Insurance company pay out.

We use organic deodorization for anti microbial for structural damage wall, ceilings, attic , basements , wet floors , and dry wall cavities to reverse the affects of mildew damage within 48 hours of time of water damage .

Temporary Board ups right on the spot and immediate security for commercial buildings and residential homes.


24/7 information access ,  includes Item removal .

Electronic Restoration services able to tell you right on the spot to be fixed or justified immediate cost of replacement .

Decontamination of all property especially hyper sensitive to any allergies and sterilize items .

Live contact with insurance company to place you into a hotel whether 3 am in the morning for disaster recovery or health issues related.


Contents Restoration is definitely the most important aspect of the job and we have in Representative with personal phone number to where your items are going , when returned and any question answered.

Structural Drying and cleaning we use certified trained technicians who may have dry out all cavities first before construction ,  which is important . Who wants wet dry wall all over your house ,  drying is the most important aspect of the job , than pack out after  insurance coverage .


Insurance company will make you hold off on construction work until they can look at job , thats why Top Job has Public Adjusters who have a selection of 3 choices to pick out of for impartial reasons .

Its so important to just get your life back together immediately .  You can check out are website and look at our commercial to understand the visual aspect or pictorial .