Pipe burst Water Damage Thaw Pipes

How to Prevent and handle Frozen Pipes

One Eighth of an inch crack can leak up to two fifty gallons of water a day causing flooding, structural damage , after forty eight hours mold can start growing every where water has came in contact.

When water is frozen especially in a water pipe, spigot pipe it expands ten percent more and causes the crack .   Ice forms more when temperatures drop outside  below freezing .

Cold wind removes heat from pipes and causes a great risk  ice blockage and than expands and cracks pipes .


This first storm of the new year is bitterly cold temperatures. Single digit numbers is frozen pipes in unheated basements ( pipes not heated at least at 55 degrees ) which can get to crawl spaces and unheated parts any where in you residential home or commercial building .

Major Frozen Pipes Issues


Water freezes, than expands causes major pressure –  Metal , plastic pipes will burst.  All areas that are usually affected outdoor faucets, swimming pool supply lines, water sprinkler lines , and water faucets .  Unheated interior spaces basements, attics , crawl spaces, garages, kitchen cabinets and dry wall cavities poorly insulated .

Pipe burst three common causes of frozen pipes :

Quick drop in temperature

Poor Insulation

Thermostats set below 55 degrees


Numerous steps to prevent pipes from freezing


Check insulation of pipes, water heaters wrapped tight with insulation in the basement – especially exposed pipes not insulated.


Electric heated  tape can control wrap pipes that are located in garage not to burst or anything similar.  Seal leaks that allow cold air inside near pipes are located .  Air leaks can be near dryer vents , electrical wiring , and pipes.   Use caulk or insulation to keep freezing temperatures coming into contact with pipes .  Open cabinets so heat can get to pipes .


Pipes happened to freeze


If your turn faucet nothing comes out , leave them on and call a plumber .

Any where a pipe burst turn off main supply line located in basement, bathroom cabinet, and kitchen cabinet sink.

Heat from your vents, electric baseboards is the only safe way to unfreeze your pipes NO TORCHES!

You might possibly thaw a pipe with warm air from hair dryer or space heater- start at the section where it is the coldest .

Once again if your pipe burst turn off main supply line and call 911 or the fire department – might be a fire sprinkler pipe and need to fix pipe by code and the fire department will make sure everything is up to par and properly fixed .  Sometimes pipe access is located in the walls and are located with and access panel it pops off and you can reach the pipe inside and turn off.
Also if you are going anywhere always leave the pipes heated – it is important to keep heat at fifty five degrees Fahrenheit

Plumbing Repairs Water Leaks Sewer & Drains

Where Plumbing and Drain Cleaning is our Pleasure



At My Plumber Top Job Plumbing Company , our technicians are very knowledgable have been asked a lot of questions over the years . While some plumbing needs require emergency services .  Simple basic maintenance and knowledge will help you plumbing and drains work correctly .


Garbage disposal working properly.

Let water run for about two minutes to reset it disposal during and after using .  There is a little button usually on garbage disposal .

No hot grease poured downed the kitchen sinks .

Wipe down pans and pots with paper towels  before grease can get trap in you slop or kitchen sink and clog up.



How to Keep Drains clear of hair and soap from bathroom drains , showers and laundry tubs ?

Purchase a strainer to catch hair, lint and other small objects . When using soapy products once again let water run while using products .

Optimal Temperature for setting water temperature Water Heater

For most Residential Homes 120 Degrees will provide plenty of hot water and energy bills.



Immediate Plumbing offers


Main Sewer Lines

Kitchen Sinks

Bathroom sinks

Floor Drains

Laundry Tubs


Sometimes a slow drains  or backed up sewer lines – Causation can be very serious .


Overflows can cause interior damage , longer mishap or unattended .


5 SOLUTIONS to cure Clogged Drains/Sewer

1-   Auger Mainly used on toilets .

2-   Electric Cable or snake , Technicians use equipment to remove to           clear the cause or stoppage .

3-   Hydro Jetting     Top Job uses high velocity water jet to clean the              inside of your sewer line , getting all kinds debris out.

4-   Video camera Inspections Camera can identify where a pin point            exact location of the broken pipe.

5-    Line Locating – Using high tech equipment , My Plumber Top Job            can locate drain lines routes are easier to find .  Less Costly .


Helpful Hints Drains


Once month pour 1 gallon of bleach or peroxide ( safer) down either side of kitchen sink , wait 20 minutes , and pull both sink stoppers simultaneously .  The volume weight water will help flush grease down the drains .


Once again clean up pop up stoppers in kitchen and bathroom tubs .

No grease down any drains

No coffee grinds down drains

Don t use garbage disposals as your garbage can .


3 stages to Sewer Damage


1  .     Roots entered the sewer system . May cause partial stoppage .


2.      Roots have clogged the sewer system causing serious damage .                 Can be fixed sewer jetting .

3.      Roots have caused the sewer to collapse or have severely                             damaged the pipe, Unfortunately Sewer Rehabilitation .


Key note 1,2 and 3 .


If you live near a cul-de-sac or a lot of trees depending on your township .  You can pay a small insurance to the bucks county sewer company like 8.00 dollars month and it will cover the pipe from your house to public street not have to pay out of pocket .  Sewer company always very friendly of picking up the problem from there but be warned now you are always need patience at times like these because Sewer Company will insure your pipe but usually  have 100 other jobs the county has to get  to and fix their pipe from the house to end of your property line.  Check with county on exact way they insure you pipe from your house to street , Always do your homework and be honest with insurance companies but you don t know what to exactly to say call 267 973 8653 Mike From Myplumbertopjob.com I also know a lot in the insurance field and always ready to help out . Top Job has Insurance billing software  program – Billing  Insurance companies but always make sure its the right way to go may have a high deductible .

Emergency Services Plumbing Roofing Water Mold 365/24/7

Services provided Emergency Services If you are require immediate attention to Water Damage Claim call 267 973 8653.  Top Job  will correspond with  insurance company . After we get off the phone with you read or skim this blog and than immediately look up topjobrestoration.com scroll down to  commercial , understand what Top Job Restoration is all about how putting back your life back together in days not weeks ,


Emergency Services , Fire Damage, Smoke Damage , Water Damage , Sewage Damage, Board ups, Garment Restoration , Pack outs , Direct Insurance Billing no out of pocket money, Inspections & Certified , Property Managers , HVAC & Sprinkler Licensed Installers , Public Adjusters & Agents , Large Loss recovery , Property Management , Energy Audit, Sewer Lines Installation ,   Our Phones are Live 24/7 command center , prompt and timely service.

We also Fire, Smoke & Soot Certified by Clean Trust Company Firm .

Water Removal we use state of the art equipment to complete work fast and less workers in your house done more efficiently.

Dehumidification for Structural drying we have industrial strength dehumidifiers for less days to dry out property or Residents for energy costs and more property to be salvage .

Catastrophic Storm Response we carry generators , Board up services , all equipment required to work fast and quality work to get things done asap.


Mold Remediation we are certified in Indoor Air Quality and fiber glass duct cleaning , air scrubbers to purify the air quality and test before and after for accurate results .


Pack out and Storage Top Job is Bonded Insured for send all contents onsite or a storage facility .


Garment Restoration Facility 24/7 to drop off and document all items and approval for Insurance company pay out.

We use organic deodorization for anti microbial for structural damage wall, ceilings, attic , basements , wet floors , and dry wall cavities to reverse the affects of mildew damage within 48 hours of time of water damage .

Temporary Board ups right on the spot and immediate security for commercial buildings and residential homes.


24/7 information access ,  includes Item removal .

Electronic Restoration services able to tell you right on the spot to be fixed or justified immediate cost of replacement .

Decontamination of all property especially hyper sensitive to any allergies and sterilize items .

Live contact with insurance company to place you into a hotel whether 3 am in the morning for disaster recovery or health issues related.


Contents Restoration is definitely the most important aspect of the job and we have in Representative with personal phone number to where your items are going , when returned and any question answered.

Structural Drying and cleaning we use certified trained technicians who may have dry out all cavities first before construction ,  which is important . Who wants wet dry wall all over your house ,  drying is the most important aspect of the job , than pack out after  insurance coverage .


Insurance company will make you hold off on construction work until they can look at job , thats why Top Job has Public Adjusters who have a selection of 3 choices to pick out of for impartial reasons .

Its so important to just get your life back together immediately .  You can check out are website topjobrestoration.com and look at our commercial to understand the visual aspect or pictorial .

Air Duct Cleaning Vents & Installation

How often show your furnace or main return should be cleaned ?


EPA and manufacturers services companies recommend having cleaned and inspected annually .  Buildup can result up to almost .5 (1/2 inches )

How long should you wait to clean your smaller duct vents ?


Now that depends on 5 years or more but EPA does not recommend when? But if you pets , air duct system might be older , environment , or how sensitive your allergies are and last daily , weekly and monthly cleaning baseboards vacuuming .  Change your filter religiously ! An honest ballpark figure is open your own vents for DIY to get a safe general consensus . But I would leave it up to air IAQ certified Technician .    Sheet metal vents 2-3 years .  Outside vents cleaned every years .

Chimney Recommendation to be cleaned or even possible repairs .

National Fire Protection Association , chimney swept at least once year before fall . Have Top Job come out and inspect your chimney ( whilewe are  at it we can survey roof and show pictures HONESTY!) damage flues , build up and proper vents , We can educate on the proper temperature burn fire place too much  up of creosote .   Creosote is build up for the proper amount of fire last burning through the night .


It does matter if Heating and Air Conditioning System is Dirty !

Dirt will build up and it must be removed period.  Dirty a-coils filled with pet hair , dander , construction debris & Grime ( air filters miss a lot ) .  Poor non-maintained HVAC up to 30 percent energy bill a month .  Low ball bill can cost you 400 hundred dollars or more thats why HVAC Manufactures recommend annual maintenance .


Top Job has a 40,000 truck mount equipment set up and state of the art equipment to scrub and purify the air also if needed.  We schedule first of the day or time slotted schedule come and clean your vents .  Call for more in depth estimate or email mcphilly66@gmail.com and we can answers all your question or look at topjobrestoration.com look up our recent blogs to understand your Q&A .  Chances are if about moldy vents , busted furnace , or whatever every question can be answer once again topjobrestoration.com ( RECENT BLOGS website scroll down and read ) make educational informed decision . We have pictorials and tutorials before calling us .  So you fell in total complete control on who is working in your house and how you are spending you hard earn dollars . For your health and better quality on life for children , family and pets also !


Now our motto  no hidden charges but in this aspect on charging is read the paragraph above and you cant explain in detail- Top Job  can come out and give confirmation on exactly how we would go ahead accomplish this task , Top Job Testimonials are on our  website  before you even call us and have a minute of your time .  We are serious about your health and workmanship .  Guaranteed .



Roofing Ice Damming Commercial & Residential Roof Contractors

Roofing Ice Damming Inspections Preventions Residential or Commercial


Wind and ice can be brutal , Top Jobs Residential and Commercial roofing homes can leave number of frustrating repairs .  Avoid costly repairs and damages by choosing the proper roof contractor.  Polar vortex cause a lot of damage last year, and the same thing is happened now due cold winter right now.  Common roof problems take immediate action save money and worrying how bad it is going to get by using Top Job we are Roof Contractors and can provide drying structures , why hire 3 contractors for the job ?

3 Most Common Reasons – Roof Water Damage Leaks

Problem # 1 Roof Leak Flashing or Drainage Problem

Sloped roofs – Residents or Commercial Owners notice a post-storm roof leak flashing problem , where aluminum is installed to protect roof corners.  Improper installation or Roof is just worn out – High winds and rain can loosen flashing, causing it to pull away . Flashing inspection , maintenance and emergency services before/after can be quite a different is cost of project or maintenance .  Flashing is is also inexpensive to replace and cost a lot not to replace or maintain your roof .


Problem #2  Structural Water Damage


Heavy snowstorms or ice build up keeps your Residential or Commercial heating bills high if not properly maintain .  Can cause damage to roof shingles and trusses , as well as – Seasonal winters that cause Polar Vortex Like symptoms , considered asking professional roofer installing the right ventilation – notice one side of the roof is not covered with snow.  It will reduce the interior condensation or eventually end up as mold .  Stop snow from and ice staying for longer periods on roof .


Problem # 3 Ice Damming


When snow and ice accumulates in gutters,  along roof ridges, vent stacks , etc – melting water is unable to drain properly .  Water backs up behind ICE TARP paper – it will seep under flashing or penetrate your ply wood under roof may it be shingles , tiles,  down to dry wall ceiling and walls and cause major water damage issues . To prevent Ice Damming visual can detect near gutter edges of roof and drain spouts .  Also use a rake or shovel to stop ice before you hire Top Job Restoration Roofers , we provide emergency services and maintenance .


In the long term its important to seal air leaks between your roof and attic , increase insulation and keep the proper ventilation .


Roofing Inspection will protect your long term investment .


Being aware of common winter problems , continually maintaining your home or commercial property , roofs during fall and winter a regular roof inspection and maintenance program , helps roofs repairs, leaks and roof replacement.


Don t risk costly roof damage and Water Damage Restoration cal Topjobrestoration.com


Any roof services need Southeastern Pennsylvania & NJ flat roofs, commercial roofs, asphalt shingle , tile , or ceiling drywall, mold damage repairs or simple roof patch repair .


We can be immediately contact by Mike Representative 267 973 8653 – Gutter , Roofing  Siding , and Roofing Issues Metal , Rubber ,Cedar textile specialist .