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Area Rug Cleaning & Upholstery Services

Top Job provides a pick up services for area rug cleaning , upholstery , and any other garments or textiles you can imagine .  Top Job checks over your Area rugs with a 12 step check process.  We take or clean any material on site or at our shop. We provide you with a letterhead and can be found locally through Bucks County , Pa , Montgomery County , Pa Delaware County , Pa and Medford Lakes , New Jersey .

We are part of the BBB , IICRC Clean trust certified company firm. Our websites are topjobrestoration.com topbjobcarpetcleaning.com .

We have been i business for almost 35 years .


Our process is inspection and go over in detail report of what needs to be cleaned , repaired and we have storage or when we will service is completed .  We place all items in garment restoration bags , milli ply bags for protection .  We take items back to our shop .


Process of cleaning and repair items when at shop


We inspect items and take pictures for your items. We vacuum , use a lint brush , take extreme precautions of how to clean items like – area rugs, upholstery , and dry cleaning items . Top Job is a Master Care Fiber Textile Specialist .  We have daily pick up service and/or emergency service pick .  Our shops are Bryn Mawr , Pa Warrington, Pa , Medford Lakes , NJ


We have a steam clean process, dry cleaning process, dry foam process, bonnet scrubbing , we ozone soot damage clothes , air scrub moldy or mildew inorganic items . We also have a insurance claim representative who can go over items that need to be cleaned immediately and/or Emergency Services of all natures included that need to be done . We are Cleaning & Restoration Services .


We include several package to clean your items in advance giving to us we can offer certain specials .  We include cleaning, drying , repairing items.  Packaging into containers sealing them air tight for no contamination .  We specialize in hypo allergenic items for complete safe organic cleaners and MSDS data sheets for hyper sensitive clients .  Top Job can pretty much service anything in advance if you have special needs .


We are Certified Clean Trust Company Firm . Means we have to honor all work at highly professional mannerisms .  We service in work shirts and are easily noticeable with our business card handed to you and letterhead and are located highly recommended all over the internet .  Yelp, Yahoo, Bing, Merchant Circle , Google and other major search engines – these are testimonials you can find with computer .


We are always running specials . You can immediately contact us Mcphilly66@gmail.com for price in detail or 267 973 8653 Mike

Top Job would immediately ask all questions at any time you feel you need update ,  services .  Top Job has competitive prices can be beat in written letterhead by 10 percent .

Commercial Capet Cleaning Water Damage clean up Roofing Drying Repairs Structural Drying

Proper Maintenance Proper consistent carpet maintenance is critical to extend the life of your carpet and to sustain optimum performances , appearance level and a healthy indoor environment . The Carpet & Rug
Institute encourages facility managers, designers , maintenance personal and any others responsible for commercial carpet maintenance program for all commercial applications.

Preventative Maintenance

Preemptive measures can be taken to reduce the effects of soling :

Entry , Mats Placed in entry ways and elevators, they will collect dirt before it reaches the carpeted areas . Assures that the mats cover the distance of several footsteps .
Color selection : Select color appropriate to traffic areas and local soil conditions, Medium colors, mask fading.

Daily Maintenance

Vacuuming is the most important and cost effective element of an efficient maintenance program. Vacuuming can remove more than 80 percent of dry soil on a daily basis . Vacuuming should be schedule according to the amount potential soil build up of a particular area. The general recommendations for vacuuming frequency are as following :

Heavy traffic areas Daily
Medium Traffic areas : twice weekly
Light traffic areas : Once or twice weekly

Vacuuming Equipment : Two types of vacuum cleaning equipment are available for daily maintenance of commercial installations:

Heavy duty , wide track machine for wide , open areas . Machine should have powerful suction and an enclosed, high efficiency particulate filtration bag be equipped with adjustable cylindrical brushes to whip embedded soil to the surface.

An industrial version of the domestic up bright for tighter areas should have the same features and hose and wand attachments for hard efficiency filtration for dee full carpet cleaning provides increased productivity .

Periodic pile brushing or bonnet carpet cleaning with a pile lifter vacuum preconditions carpet and remove dry , deeply embedded soil from high traffic areas . this can be especially helpful prior to carpet cleaning.

Recommended Cleaning

Extraction Cleaning
Periodically schedule extraction will remove accumulated soil not removed by regular vacuuming and spot removal . The Carpet & Rug Institute IICRC Cleaning Trust Company Certified Firm Topjobrestoration.com
suggest a monthly or as needed cleaning of transition areas , track off regions and congested channels . Cleaning methods include

Absorbent Compound ( Dry Extraction Chem Dry we clean with this method also topjobrestoration.com

Absorbent Pad or Bonnet
Dry Foam
Hot water extraction ( Professional Steam Carpet cleaning topjobcarpetcleaning.com
Rotary Shampoo Cleaning

Refer to methods reading tags and pamphlet purchase withe textile fabric which we are master care fiber
master care specialist wide variety area rugs cleaning , upholstery cleaning and pet odor removal andd
much much more.

Spot Cleaning
Damage from spills can be minimized by immediate action . As as as a spill occurs , blots with clean , white absorbent towel and repeat until the spill is absorbed . The Carpet & Rug Institute recommending using a professional carpet cleaner like topjobcarpetcleaning.com .