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Brick Mason Repairs Water Proofing Basements Damage

Repairing Block Walls

Usually, the first repair you ll need to make to a block structure will be repointing – using fresh mortar to replace mortar joints that have failed . This process is the same for brick ; Other simple cosmetic repairs to a block structure involve reinforcing a damaged area with a patch of repair compound ,or coating the block with paint , stucco, or mortar .

Foundations Wall Repair Water damage

If a block or brick foundation has cracked and chipped on the surface but is still structurally sound, there are several repair options, including repointing the mortar joints, replacing badly chipped units, and covering with stucco. If the bricks or blocks don t wobble in and out of line too much , you can use 1/2 inch pressure-treated plywood or foam board to bridge the nooks and crannies that let in water and moisture. Even small openings can eventually ruin the foundation s appearance and sap its strength.

To make a complete seal and create a neat line near the ground, clear away enough dirt so that the bottom few inches of the new covering can be buried, can tuck the upper edge into a liberal bed of caulking below the house siding. Although pressure-treated wood will resist rot, you might refill the small trench with gravel to encourage drainage before replacing the top layer of sod. The only trick part of simple operation is nailing the covering panels into the brick . Get an assist by lacing the backs of the covering panels with construction adhesive ; then use several hardened masonry or cut nails to lock each sheet in place. Nailing into the mortar between bricks is easiest if you can gauge the courses of brick.

For a neutral , masonry – like finish , coat the covering material with heavy – bodied gray exterior stain. From a few feet away , it will look like stucco. While you re at it, consider adding a layer of rigid foam insulating the exposed portion of the foundation.

Painting Block

If you plan to finish masonry basement walls, there are special waterproofing paints that roll or brush on thickly, like wet plaster . First, you should patch any open or leaking cracks with a cement-based patching compound or hydraulic cement . Even on rough walls , surface application look better and last longer over sound, uncracked surfaces.

For painting , opt for a heavy-napped roller , called a bulldozer by professional painter because it can be loaded with thick paint and it will push the excess along the wall just as a bulldozer pushes dirt. The thick , ragged nap is essential when working on rough masonry . It helps to work the viscous paint into surface crevices and the joints between courses of concrete foundation block .

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Windows Doors and Much Much More

After years if use and layer upon layer of paint, your windows may not be broken, but they did were new. On older homes , single-pane glass and worn jambs are not doing much to keep the heat in during winter, and the old paint can make windows nearly impossible to open can make windows nearly impossible to open and close .
You could spend hours scraping the windows down to bare wood and wind up with the same old energy-inefficient model. Replacing them makes better use of your time and money. These days you can get inexpensive , custom made replacement windows with double glazing that drastically improves the unit’s insulating value. You could also opt for low-emissivity glass or even triple glazing if you live in area with very cold winters .

Options for Replacements

You have three basic choices-sash kits , replacement windows that fit into existing frames, or entirely new windows that fit into existing frames, and casing. With sash kits, you get new standard-size sashes-the window glass and the frame around it-plus new jamb liners, which are the tracks that hold the sash in place. Sash frames can be wood or vinyl with double glazing. Your existing window frame, casing, and trim all stay in place, and all installation work is done from the inside . On the downside , a sash kit typically is not as energy-efficient as a new window.

Replacement windows are entirely new, energy-efficient units custom-made to fit into an existing window frame , usually at no extra cost. These windows have less glass area than the old ones, but if cost is a major consideration , vinyl replacement windows are the way to go.

New windows give you a wider range of options-you can go to larger sizes and different shapes – but the installation involves a lot more work because you have to rip out the old window entirely. If the new one is only a little larger, you may be able to take advantage of extra space in the rough frame that was formerly occupied by the sash weights . For larger windows , it means cutting a bigger wall opening and installing a new framing.

Tools needed pry bar, level, flat head , hammer , nails, reciprocating saw, utility knife and shims.
Unsticking windows , Once spring arrives and the weather warms up, you’ll want to open all your windows all the way and let the fresh air in . But moving parts that have been locked in place over the winter may refuse to budge . So start small : just try to get the windows cracked. If the frame is swollen from the moisture of the window sash and the surrounding frame are sealed by paint , you could be in for a wrestling match.

Ways to unstick un pry flat bar without forcing it. Slice apart window pane utility knife, near the painted seam. Helps using putty knife .

Window and doors can be costly but Top Job is local company in the BuxMont area for Bucks County and Montgomery County, Pa . Top Job Restoration is competitive pricing that likes to choice Pella windows .

Water Damage Clean Up Services Main Philadelphia Pa

iicrc_logoWets carpet for water damage services . Water can every where in wall cavities structure and much much

more . If you want to temporarily prevent more damage go to basement under kitchen and shut off water

supply line . May have plumbing issue , fire sprinkler leak and sometimes just a small leak from roof.

Next step is to call someone experience in water damage perhaps topjobrestoration.com . They can

give you a step by step process especially dealing with insurance claims . We have representative

help you get the coverage you need and scope of the project . Make sure your covered and begin

process of paperwork that insurance companies recognize and accept insurance billing. After that

they sit down with after the emergency services and explain if you need pack out , relocation for

living , content removal , structural drying of all affected areas. Top Job Restoration also can

make repairs to the actual cause which is big help when insurance companies don t actually pay out for

the part that cause the damage . We keep in contact with you through e mails phones etc. Process of

drying your home is 2 days . Danger zone of mold is 48 hours . Sometimes drywall is needed or other

materials remove due to post 48 hours mildew on materials . Most important process is drying out the

entire areas affected and than pushing through xactimate billing for insurance companies . Top Job

starts documenting every area wet with water meters to able to prove all areas are wet and the insurance

company pays out faster and its just easier to explain insurance company . We use I pad to take pictures

and cut paste pictures to the rooms that are affected so Insurance companies understand that if it is

sewage damage , mold damage water damage . Also important to take pictures where the damage began so

the insurance company pays out for dry wall , ceiling , roof damage leaks , carpet material ,pad and any

other imaginable content that is effect. You always leave anything on site so the Insurance adjuster

can see it and understand that has to be replace example area rugs restore or thrash keep in safe area

so nothing is accidentally thrown out or misplace. Catastrophic damage is even more involved due to

wind storm flood fire lightening electrical mechanical failure – this in fact makes things real involve

you Top Job Restoration have everything document and come back every day to check out equipment property

damage drying as fast as it can so the insurance company knows you took every precaution. This is why

you leave it up to Top Job Restoration who knows how to work along with Insurance companies and yet

at the same time restore your property and make sure the insurance company pays out for only what needs

to be covered and nothing affecting your pocket book or stress levels .

Top Job Restoration – topjobrestoration.com covers wide variety of services you name it we do it .

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