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Home emergencies


Not every emergency can be prepare for , but if live in an area prone to hurricane , floods , earthquake , or tornadoes , you should have basic emergency supplies on hand , and your family should be aware of what steps to when disaster strikes.

Hurricanes . The National Hurricane Center recommends that those living in low lying areas have an evacuation plan. Find out about the routes from your local police or Red Cross chapter. Also plan for emergency communication , such as contacting a friend out of the storm area in, came family members are separate . Listened to the radio or TV for warnings , check your emergency supplies, and fuel the car. Bring in outdoor objects such as lawn furniture and close shutters or install plywood before the storm arrives . Unplug appliances , cut off the main circuit breaker , and turn of the main water supply valve. If time permits, elevate furniture to protect it against floods.

Smaller tremors or after shocks . Live in an area has this one in blue moon. Be prepare , Shelves fasteners securely to your walls , and store heavy or breakable items close to the floor . During and earth quake after shock the safest place in your home is under a piece of heavy furniture or against an inside wall, away from windows or furniture that may topple.

Tornadoes or strong wind damage- Have a place ready where you can take shelter if you don not have basement , find a windowless spot on the ground floor, scubas a bathroom or a closet under stairs. As wind damage usually happen little warning , each family member should know the danger signs, where your emergency supplies are and what to do in case of a power outage or gas leak .

Surval tips .

If you plan to ride out a storm , have basic emergency supplies on hand including flashlights and extra batteries , battery operated radio , first aid kit , extra nonperishable food and water ,essential medicines , and a cell phone . Turn the refrigerator to its coldest setting , and open and close it only when necessary . Store drinking water in jugs and bottles and in clean bathtubs .

An early storm warning can allow time to pack up essentials and batten down the house with plywood or boards .

Install battery powered flashlight at stairwells . It charges when power is on and rights automatically when the power . On many building sites , floods waters form heavy rains can fill basements and rise close to window height. Your best protection against property and injury from fire is a smoke detector . Push the test button to check it. Circuit breakers trip automatically when there is a problem . Reset them once, but if they trip again, call in electrician.

Sometimes a simple job such as heating a frozen water pipe is all you need to do to restore essential services .