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Shower Enclosure Installing Water damage

Mark out the location of the shower, including any new walls , on the floor and walls. Most kits can be installed over wallboard , but you can usually achieve a more professional looking wall finish if you remove the wall covering and floor covering in the installation area. Dispose of the materials immediately and thoroughly clean the area.

If you are adding a wall to create the alcove , lay out the locations for the studs and plumbing on the new wood sill plate . Also lay out the stud locations on the cap plate that will ne attached to the ceiling . Refer to the enclosure kit instructions for exact locations and dimensions of studs. Attach the sill plate to the floor with deck deck screws and panel adhesive , making sure it is square to the back wall and the correct distance from the the side wall.

Align a straight 2×4 right next to the sill plate and make a mark on the ceiling . Use a level to extend that line directly above the sill plate . Attach the cap plate at that plate.

Install 2×4 at the outlined locations . Check with a level to make sure each stud is plumb , and then attach them by driving deck screws toenail style on angle into sill plate and cap plate .

Cut an access hole in the floor for the drain , according to the installation manual instructions . Drill openings in the sill plate of the wet wall ( the new wall in this project) for the supply pipes , also according to the instructions.

Install a drain pipe and branch line and then trim the drain pipe flush with the floor. If you are not experienced with plumbing , hire a plumber to install new drain line.

Install new supply risers as directed in the instruction manual ( again, have a plumber do this if necessary ). Also install cross braces between the studs in the wall for mounting the faucet body and sower arm.

If the supply plumbing is located in a wall ( old or new) that is accessible from the non-shower side, install forming for a removable access panel

Attach the drain tail piece, Option and mortar before you lay down the tail piece .

Set the receptor in place and nail to the studs. Lay out the drain and valves holes and cut with a jigsaw . Need to use a fine tooth blade with a jigsaw.

Positon the back wall gap should be 1/2 inch between the bottom of the panel and the rim. Remove the end of the wall if need to apply adhesive apply it now .

Reinstall the end panels follow the kit instructions and pals are flush front the receptors.

Once the panels are positioned correctly and snapped together nail 4 inches to 6 inches along the vertical surfaces.

Tile Cost for Kitchens Bathrooms

Tile is not always the right choice


Tile s great looks and typical long-lasting , easy-to-maintain to install it in their homes. but tile is not a good choice for every application.  For instance , a dropped glass will break on a tile floor but it may bounce on a linoleum or cork floor.  Children and the elderly may slip and fall on tile floors , and pet claws may scratch up softer stone tiles. Some effects can be mitigated by the use of plastic mats on countertops, and area rugs on floors ,but usually , it is better to choose another material for your installation.


As well like to tel our clients , even Donald Trump has a budget.  When you go into a tile store , tell the salesperson how much you have to spend , so they can steer you toward the kinds of tile you can afford . Once you have picked your tile, make sure to check the price of the matching trim.  Field tiles can be very inexpensive , but thier associated trim (V-cap , surface bullnose) can cost far more . ( We once did a countertop with a moderately priced field tile that had matching end caps costing more than twenty dollars apiece!)

Is the tile you have picked in stock at the tile store , or does it have to be special ordered or custom made? It is prudent to order twenty percent more special-order tile than you will need , because of possible delays and the possibility that you reorder, the new tile may not match what you have. Once you have picked the field tile you like , check to see which trim pieces are available.  Standard ceramic and other popular tiles have wide range of available trim; yet , for many other kinds tile, there is little choice in trim or no trim at all. If you can not get the matching trim you desire , consider substituting other kinds of tile .  For example , instead of matching quarter-rounds or bullnose trim , substitute a rope liner (or similar decorative border tile) to finish the edge of a backsplash or wainscoting .

Even if you can get matching trim, the lengths of the most trim pieces do not math the dimensions of the field tiles, which really disturbs some people . Also check to see how consistently the trim matches the color, texture, and/or pattern the field tile.


How much tile to buy


Once you have decided on the kinds of tile to use for your installation, you will need to calculate how much to buy.  Field tile is ordered by the square foot , and trim pieces are ordered by the piece or linear feet .  For most basic tile , we recommend ordering 10 percent to 20 percent more tile than you actually need.  This compensates for breakage , miscut tiels, and future repairs , should tiles get damaged .