Stucco:Repairs and Build New

Although stucco is very durable , it can be damaged , and overtime if can crumble of crack . The directions given below work well for patching small areas less than 2 square feet. For more extensive damage, the repairs is done in layers.

Tools you may need for Do it yourselfers .

Caulk gun , Disposable paint brush, Putty knife, Mason ‘s Trowel, Square-end trowel, Hammer, Whisk broom, Wire brush, Masonry chisel, Aviations snips, Pry bar, Drill with masonry bit, Scratching tool, metal lath, metal primer, stucco patching or bags of stucco and brown scratch stucco, bonding adhesive, masonry paint, 1 1/2 , 15 # building paper , Self furring metal lath, masonry caulk, Tint, Metal stop bead , particle or respirator, protective equipment .

How to pack small areas the brush to clean away rust any exposed metal lath , then apply a coat of metal prime .

Apply premixed or cheaper make your batch which is cheaper.
Repair compound to the repair area, slightly over filling the hole using putty knife or trowel . Read manufacture’s directions or drying time is consistent with mixture which is very important for larger patches or working on entire new areas built.

Smooth the repair with a putty knife or trowel, feathering the edges to blend into the surrounding surface . Use a the original texture. :et the patch dry for several days, then touch it up with masonry paint .

Make a starter hole with a drill and masonry bit , then use a masonry chisel and hammer to chip away stucco in the respirator when cutting stucco . Cut sell furring metal lath to size and attach it to the sheath using roofing nails . Overlap pieces by two inches . If the patch extends to the base of the wall, attach a metal stop bead at the bottom .

To mix consistency is so important . Combine three parts sand , two parts portland cement , one part masonry cement. Add enough water so the mixture holds it in one hour . Tip; Premixed stucco works well for small jobs obviously not large jobs. Thats why mix for bigger jobs and requires skilled masonry and mixed laborer .

Apply 3/8 thick layer of stucco directly to the metal lath which called scratch coat . Push the the stucco into the mesh until it fills the gap between the mesh and the sheathing . Score the horizontal grooves into the wet surface using a scratching tool . Let the stucco dry two days, misting it with water every 2 to 4 hours .

Apply second of the stucco . Build up the stucco to within 1/4 of the original surface . Let the patch dry for two days , misting every 2 to 4 hours .

Combine finish coat stucco mix just enough water for the mixture to hold its shape . Dampen the patch area the patch area, then apply the finish coat to match original surface . Dampen the patch periodically for a week . Let it dry for several more days before painting .