Rubber Roofs Torched Downs

Prepare the roof deck for membrane roofing by removing the old roofing material down to bare decking . Look closely for signs of deterioration . Replace deteriorated decking. For a smooth surface, cover there roof with a new layer of high density fiber board ( sold at roofing materials suppliers ) . Secure with fasteners recommend by the manufacturers for this purpose usually long scores with large insulation plates.

Sweep the roof deck thoroughly and spread out the membrane so it has a chance to relax . Make any cutouts in the membrane that may be necessary to allow for the vents pipes or other protrusions . Overlap the sheets 3 inches and wipe them down with the recommended cleaner ro prepare the surfaces for adhesive.

Apply the latex adhesive . Fold half of the first membrane sheet over on itself to expose the roof deck, and roll a heavy coat of adhesive onto both the deck and membrane surfaces with a medium nap paint roller . However , do not apply adhesive begins to set 9 about 20 minutes in normal conditions ), carefully roll the fold rubber down into place. Avoid wrinkling the membrane.

Use a stiff bristle push broom to brush out any air pockets that may be evident under the bonded half of the membrane . Brush from the middle of the roof outward to the edges. Then fold the other unbounded half over, apply adhesive to the rubber and roof deck again, and adhere this half of the membrane to the roof . Apply all sections of the membrane to the roof deck in this fashion , but do not apply adhesive within 3 inches of the edges of any overlapping sections rubber ; these must be accessible for applying seaming tape along the seams .

Roll the top section of overlapping membrane back along the seam area, and chalk a reference link inches from the edge of the bottom membrane . This mass the area for applying seam tape.

Tape the seams . Use the recommend cleaning solvent clean both halves of the overlapping membrane in the tape areas, then apply seaming tape sticky side down to the bottom membrane within the marked area. Press the tape down firmly to ensure good adhesion to the membrane.

Fold the top membrane overlap back in place on the tape. Slowly pull off the tape’s paper backing with the treatment edges now overlapping. Press the overlapping edges down to create a tighter , smooth seam. Roll the seamed areas with a J-roller or seam roller tool to bond the seam.

If the roof meets a vertical wall , you may need to remove siding so you can bond the membrane to wall sheathing . Use contact adhesive to apply the membrane 12 inch up the wall. Seal the edge with a metal termination bar fastened to the wall with exterior scores. Train off overhanging membrane around the roof edges , and flash it according to the manufacture’s recommendations using rubber adhesive flashing and rubber boots.