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Wind and ice can be brutal , Top Jobs Residential and Commercial roofing homes can leave number of frustrating repairs .  Avoid costly repairs and damages by choosing the proper roof contractor.  Polar vortex cause a lot of damage last year, and the same thing is happened now due cold winter right now.  Common roof problems take immediate action save money and worrying how bad it is going to get by using Top Job we are Roof Contractors and can provide drying structures , why hire 3 contractors for the job ?

3 Most Common Reasons – Roof Water Damage Leaks

Problem # 1 Roof Leak Flashing or Drainage Problem

Sloped roofs – Residents or Commercial Owners notice a post-storm roof leak flashing problem , where aluminum is installed to protect roof corners.  Improper installation or Roof is just worn out – High winds and rain can loosen flashing, causing it to pull away . Flashing inspection , maintenance and emergency services before/after can be quite a different is cost of project or maintenance .  Flashing is is also inexpensive to replace and cost a lot not to replace or maintain your roof .


Problem #2  Structural Water Damage


Heavy snowstorms or ice build up keeps your Residential or Commercial heating bills high if not properly maintain .  Can cause damage to roof shingles and trusses , as well as – Seasonal winters that cause Polar Vortex Like symptoms , considered asking professional roofer installing the right ventilation – notice one side of the roof is not covered with snow.  It will reduce the interior condensation or eventually end up as mold .  Stop snow from and ice staying for longer periods on roof .


Problem # 3 Ice Damming


When snow and ice accumulates in gutters,  along roof ridges, vent stacks , etc – melting water is unable to drain properly .  Water backs up behind ICE TARP paper – it will seep under flashing or penetrate your ply wood under roof may it be shingles , tiles,  down to dry wall ceiling and walls and cause major water damage issues . To prevent Ice Damming visual can detect near gutter edges of roof and drain spouts .  Also use a rake or shovel to stop ice before you hire Top Job Restoration Roofers , we provide emergency services and maintenance .


In the long term its important to seal air leaks between your roof and attic , increase insulation and keep the proper ventilation .


Roofing Inspection will protect your long term investment .


Being aware of common winter problems , continually maintaining your home or commercial property , roofs during fall and winter a regular roof inspection and maintenance program , helps roofs repairs, leaks and roof replacement.


Don t risk costly roof damage and Water Damage Restoration cal


Any roof services need Southeastern Pennsylvania & NJ flat roofs, commercial roofs, asphalt shingle , tile , or ceiling drywall, mold damage repairs or simple roof patch repair .


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