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At My Plumber Top Job Plumbing Company , our technicians are very knowledgable have been asked a lot of questions over the years . While some plumbing needs require emergency services .  Simple basic maintenance and knowledge will help you plumbing and drains work correctly .


Garbage disposal working properly.

Let water run for about two minutes to reset it disposal during and after using .  There is a little button usually on garbage disposal .

No hot grease poured downed the kitchen sinks .

Wipe down pans and pots with paper towels  before grease can get trap in you slop or kitchen sink and clog up.



How to Keep Drains clear of hair and soap from bathroom drains , showers and laundry tubs ?

Purchase a strainer to catch hair, lint and other small objects . When using soapy products once again let water run while using products .

Optimal Temperature for setting water temperature Water Heater

For most Residential Homes 120 Degrees will provide plenty of hot water and energy bills.



Immediate Plumbing offers


Main Sewer Lines

Kitchen Sinks

Bathroom sinks

Floor Drains

Laundry Tubs


Sometimes a slow drains  or backed up sewer lines – Causation can be very serious .


Overflows can cause interior damage , longer mishap or unattended .


5 SOLUTIONS to cure Clogged Drains/Sewer

1-   Auger Mainly used on toilets .

2-   Electric Cable or snake , Technicians use equipment to remove to           clear the cause or stoppage .

3-   Hydro Jetting     Top Job uses high velocity water jet to clean the              inside of your sewer line , getting all kinds debris out.

4-   Video camera Inspections Camera can identify where a pin point            exact location of the broken pipe.

5-    Line Locating – Using high tech equipment , My Plumber Top Job            can locate drain lines routes are easier to find .  Less Costly .


Helpful Hints Drains


Once month pour 1 gallon of bleach or peroxide ( safer) down either side of kitchen sink , wait 20 minutes , and pull both sink stoppers simultaneously .  The volume weight water will help flush grease down the drains .


Once again clean up pop up stoppers in kitchen and bathroom tubs .

No grease down any drains

No coffee grinds down drains

Don t use garbage disposals as your garbage can .


3 stages to Sewer Damage


1  .     Roots entered the sewer system . May cause partial stoppage .


2.      Roots have clogged the sewer system causing serious damage .                 Can be fixed sewer jetting .

3.      Roots have caused the sewer to collapse or have severely                             damaged the pipe, Unfortunately Sewer Rehabilitation .


Key note 1,2 and 3 .


If you live near a cul-de-sac or a lot of trees depending on your township .  You can pay a small insurance to the bucks county sewer company like 8.00 dollars month and it will cover the pipe from your house to public street not have to pay out of pocket .  Sewer company always very friendly of picking up the problem from there but be warned now you are always need patience at times like these because Sewer Company will insure your pipe but usually  have 100 other jobs the county has to get  to and fix their pipe from the house to end of your property line.  Check with county on exact way they insure you pipe from your house to street , Always do your homework and be honest with insurance companies but you don t know what to exactly to say call 267 973 8653 Mike From I also know a lot in the insurance field and always ready to help out . Top Job has Insurance billing software  program – Billing  Insurance companies but always make sure its the right way to go may have a high deductible .