Air Duct Cleaning Vents & Installation

How often show your furnace or main return should be cleaned ?


EPA and manufacturers services companies recommend having cleaned and inspected annually .  Buildup can result up to almost .5 (1/2 inches )

How long should you wait to clean your smaller duct vents ?


Now that depends on 5 years or more but EPA does not recommend when? But if you pets , air duct system might be older , environment , or how sensitive your allergies are and last daily , weekly and monthly cleaning baseboards vacuuming .  Change your filter religiously ! An honest ballpark figure is open your own vents for DIY to get a safe general consensus . But I would leave it up to air IAQ certified Technician .    Sheet metal vents 2-3 years .  Outside vents cleaned every years .

Chimney Recommendation to be cleaned or even possible repairs .

National Fire Protection Association , chimney swept at least once year before fall . Have Top Job come out and inspect your chimney ( whilewe are  at it we can survey roof and show pictures HONESTY!) damage flues , build up and proper vents , We can educate on the proper temperature burn fire place too much  up of creosote .   Creosote is build up for the proper amount of fire last burning through the night .


It does matter if Heating and Air Conditioning System is Dirty !

Dirt will build up and it must be removed period.  Dirty a-coils filled with pet hair , dander , construction debris & Grime ( air filters miss a lot ) .  Poor non-maintained HVAC up to 30 percent energy bill a month .  Low ball bill can cost you 400 hundred dollars or more thats why HVAC Manufactures recommend annual maintenance .


Top Job has a 40,000 truck mount equipment set up and state of the art equipment to scrub and purify the air also if needed.  We schedule first of the day or time slotted schedule come and clean your vents .  Call for more in depth estimate or email and we can answers all your question or look at look up our recent blogs to understand your Q&A .  Chances are if about moldy vents , busted furnace , or whatever every question can be answer once again ( RECENT BLOGS website scroll down and read ) make educational informed decision . We have pictorials and tutorials before calling us .  So you fell in total complete control on who is working in your house and how you are spending you hard earn dollars . For your health and better quality on life for children , family and pets also !


Now our motto  no hidden charges but in this aspect on charging is read the paragraph above and you cant explain in detail- Top Job  can come out and give confirmation on exactly how we would go ahead accomplish this task , Top Job Testimonials are on our  website  before you even call us and have a minute of your time .  We are serious about your health and workmanship .  Guaranteed .