This company is a major IICRC business firm and
construction and Basement systems foundation and water proofing repairs specialist. Established 1980 Top Job has manage the company worked major insurance companies and help get the money back without adjusters and insurance agents trying under bid or low ball the property damage assessment.

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“Top Job Water Proofing came out dug a new sump pump plumbed the water go to pith off the house.
They did water proofing and worked on the foundation repair until it was fixed. ”

” They were easy to communicate with, and their work was excellent . They did foundation repair , and I would do work with them again for contractor
purposes in near future.

Causes of foundation problems issues
Foundation problems are most often caused by unstable soil or erosion. If one area under the house settles faster than another, stresses in the foundation and structure lead to cracks in the foundations, cracks in the internal walls, and sinking , buckling m or leaning foundations walls.

Fixing the problems

Underpinning . Installing underpins beneath the foundation to support the home’s weight is a common solution to foundation settlement problems. Access holes are dug around the house to expose the footing.
These holes are then used to set up a mold and pour a solid concrete block with reinforcement bars, or rebar, under the footing of the foundation.

Steel Piers
Installing steel piers under the foundation to support the structure’s weight is another typical solution . Common types of piers are helical piers and push or resistance piers. Helical piers are shaped like giants screws; the use of a hydraulic system , they are gradually screwed into the earth below the house until they reach either bedrock or load bearing soil . Special tools shift the weight of the house off the fill dirt and onto the piers. No force is applied to the house during installation . Push or resistance piers are also driven into the earth under the house until the they hit bedrock or load bearing soil . Plates are installed on top of the piers , and the home’s weight is shifted onto them .

Basement Wall
The pressure of the earth on the outside of a wall can cause problems with retaining walls and basement walls . A leaning , bowed , or cracked basement wall cannot effectively support the house above it.

Major structural commercial damage
Steel I Beams can be installed vertically against a severely bowed interior wall. They are either bolted to the floor slab or set into the exposed footing below the floor . The tops of the beams are then bolted to braces in the ceiling joists . Concrete or dry packing is installed above and below the point where the wall touches the beam.