Stucco:Repairs and Build New

Although stucco is very durable , it can be damaged , and overtime if can crumble of crack . The directions given below work well for patching small areas less than 2 square feet. For more extensive damage, the repairs is done in layers.

Tools you may need for Do it yourselfers .

Caulk gun , Disposable paint brush, Putty knife, Mason ‘s Trowel, Square-end trowel, Hammer, Whisk broom, Wire brush, Masonry chisel, Aviations snips, Pry bar, Drill with masonry bit, Scratching tool, metal lath, metal primer, stucco patching or bags of stucco and brown scratch stucco, bonding adhesive, masonry paint, 1 1/2 , 15 # building paper , Self furring metal lath, masonry caulk, Tint, Metal stop bead , particle or respirator, protective equipment .

How to pack small areas the brush to clean away rust any exposed metal lath , then apply a coat of metal prime .

Apply premixed or cheaper make your batch which is cheaper.
Repair compound to the repair area, slightly over filling the hole using putty knife or trowel . Read manufacture’s directions or drying time is consistent with mixture which is very important for larger patches or working on entire new areas built.

Smooth the repair with a putty knife or trowel, feathering the edges to blend into the surrounding surface . Use a the original texture. :et the patch dry for several days, then touch it up with masonry paint .

Make a starter hole with a drill and masonry bit , then use a masonry chisel and hammer to chip away stucco in the respirator when cutting stucco . Cut sell furring metal lath to size and attach it to the sheath using roofing nails . Overlap pieces by two inches . If the patch extends to the base of the wall, attach a metal stop bead at the bottom .

To mix consistency is so important . Combine three parts sand , two parts portland cement , one part masonry cement. Add enough water so the mixture holds it in one hour . Tip; Premixed stucco works well for small jobs obviously not large jobs. Thats why mix for bigger jobs and requires skilled masonry and mixed laborer .

Apply 3/8 thick layer of stucco directly to the metal lath which called scratch coat . Push the the stucco into the mesh until it fills the gap between the mesh and the sheathing . Score the horizontal grooves into the wet surface using a scratching tool . Let the stucco dry two days, misting it with water every 2 to 4 hours .

Apply second of the stucco . Build up the stucco to within 1/4 of the original surface . Let the patch dry for two days , misting every 2 to 4 hours .

Combine finish coat stucco mix just enough water for the mixture to hold its shape . Dampen the patch area the patch area, then apply the finish coat to match original surface . Dampen the patch periodically for a week . Let it dry for several more days before painting .

Home Remodeling

Home Renovations

Tackling a large scale home remodeling project can be a daunting task. Although remodeling is often very rewarding , it is often very rewarding , it is usual a long , expensive process with many details to keep in mind , and having to coordinate the plans of several different contractors can be confusing and tiresome . Hiring a total home remodeling company can help alleviate some of the stress because all communications and planning is done with one company .

Keep an eye to detail of you want help move the process such pins is a good online ideas and cheap way out than an interior decorator , helps smooth process preparing for the remodel and save time .

Getting real budget
Before hiring a company , decide what kind of remodeling you want to have done and calculate whether or not you will have the funds readily available ( estimate locked in a proposal ) pay for it. Don’t become too attached to an idea prior to determining how much it will cost to implement ; it will be much harder to stay on budget if you refuse to compromise on design details. As long as you have a good general idea of what you would like done and how much you are willing to spend, many contractors will help you create a design that fails within your budget constraints .

Cleaning Preparation
Remodling can be an extensive ordeal , lasting from several days to several months, and properly preparations will save time. Many contractors will be able to move some larger items for you, but homeowners are typically responsible for cleaning out small things can get in the way or be damaged . Many room remodels include new cabinets or storage space, so remove everything from your your current cabinets before any work begins. If everything has been thoroughly cleaned and moved out of the way , the contractor will be able to get straight tow work .

Temporary Adjustments
With major renovations taking place in your home , it may not be ideal to spend a lot of time around the house.

Planning meals . If you are planning to remain in your home while your kitchen is being remodeled , you will have to find alternate place to eat and prepare food . For this reason , you may want to consider scheduling the remodel during a time when the weather is nice enough to eat outside if you own a grill and have an outdoor seating area . It can be also be helpful to set up a small , temporary food station in an unaffected room of the house with things like a coffee maker , some nonperishables, a mini refrigerators , and a toaster or min microwave . Also be sure to have plenty of paper plates and disposable cups and utensils on hand if you will not have access to a dishwasher .

Dealing with safety issues and pets and kids is safety contractors who are osha and IICRC certified is seal of protection of your kids and property .

This company is a major IICRC business firm and
construction and Basement systems foundation and water proofing repairs specialist. Established 1980 Top Job has manage the company worked major insurance companies and help get the money back without adjusters and insurance agents trying under bid or low ball the property damage assessment.

Uniforms are easily recognized what tech does water damage , mold damage , etc . Drug testing screen testing don’t use subtractors.


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They did water proofing and worked on the foundation repair until it was fixed. ”

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purposes in near future.

Causes of foundation problems issues
Foundation problems are most often caused by unstable soil or erosion. If one area under the house settles faster than another, stresses in the foundation and structure lead to cracks in the foundations, cracks in the internal walls, and sinking , buckling m or leaning foundations walls.

Fixing the problems

Underpinning . Installing underpins beneath the foundation to support the home’s weight is a common solution to foundation settlement problems. Access holes are dug around the house to expose the footing.
These holes are then used to set up a mold and pour a solid concrete block with reinforcement bars, or rebar, under the footing of the foundation.

Steel Piers
Installing steel piers under the foundation to support the structure’s weight is another typical solution . Common types of piers are helical piers and push or resistance piers. Helical piers are shaped like giants screws; the use of a hydraulic system , they are gradually screwed into the earth below the house until they reach either bedrock or load bearing soil . Special tools shift the weight of the house off the fill dirt and onto the piers. No force is applied to the house during installation . Push or resistance piers are also driven into the earth under the house until the they hit bedrock or load bearing soil . Plates are installed on top of the piers , and the home’s weight is shifted onto them .

Basement Wall
The pressure of the earth on the outside of a wall can cause problems with retaining walls and basement walls . A leaning , bowed , or cracked basement wall cannot effectively support the house above it.

Major structural commercial damage
Steel I Beams can be installed vertically against a severely bowed interior wall. They are either bolted to the floor slab or set into the exposed footing below the floor . The tops of the beams are then bolted to braces in the ceiling joists . Concrete or dry packing is installed above and below the point where the wall touches the beam.

Plumbing and Sewer Line Pipes Installs

Plumbing problems can create considerable damage such as drywall , waterproofing , and pipes that need to tie into at the sewer lines. While some do-it-yourselfers enjoy the challenge of fixing even the toughest problems , many homeowner would rather leave the dirty work to a professional plumbing company. Before calling for help , you should know some basic plumbing concepts and problems.

Shutting off the water for winterize or emergency

Shutting the water is an important action to take in an emergency. Most homes have a main water shutoff valve located next to the water meter that can be used to stop water flow to the house . All family members should know the valve’s location and how to use it . It should should also be periodically checked to ensure proper function. Most plumbers fixtures have individual shutoff valves located in their supply lines .

Plumbing Problems Common Issues

Drain cleaning. Depending on the cause and location of a clog, drain cleaning may or may not be effective. Additionally , because clogs in multiple places can contribute to the problem , successful clearing one problem spot might not solve all of your long-term plumbing problems.

Toilet clogs Toilet clogs can often be cleared with a toilet plunger . If, however , the clog is too difficult to remove with a plunger , plumbers can use special tools special tools called augers, or snakes. Snakes are long ,flexible spring-like tools that are inserted into the clogged drain and rotated to manually break break up the clog.

Grease clogs. Grease clogs may represent a more difficult problem . Grease clogs usually occur in the two-inch drain pipe connecting the kitchen sink to the main four inch drainpipe that handles toilet waste and leads to the sewer. Because the washing machine pump forces water into the same two-inch drainpipe , a grease clog is commonly misdiagnosed as as a clogged washing machine drain line. Because grease naturally sticks to the walls of drain lines, it is relatively difficult to remove.

in some cases , the most economical feasible alternative is to replace the two-inch drain line. However , because of the high cost of replacing the line, the first attempt at alleviating the problem is to use a plumber’s snake to punch a hole through the grease as possible . Because this repair cannot remove all the grease as possible. Because the repair cannot remove all the grease , in time drain repeatedly re-clogs . If the same drain repeatedly clogs, you may need to replace the line.

Clogs in the main main sewer line .
Broken seal, joints , or pipe sections are the primary causes of most sewer line clogs . These breaks allow tree roots to penetrate and grow in the line, gradually blocking the flow of water and waste. The only way to remove all the roots from the line is to replace it, which is very expensive . In many cases, enough of the roots can be cut from the inside of the line with a sewer machine to open up the flow . Unfortunately because damaged roots an grow back in a fertile environment the line often ends up re-clogging . Furthermore , because some partially cut roots tend to shift position over time , the line may re-clog quickly.

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