Painting Exterior & Interior Residential Commercial Buildings

Purchasing a product contains high quality pigments levels is last a longtime in or out  your home or commercial building . The amount of pigment in paint is directly affects its durability to cover your investment and of your house or commercial area that needs fresh coat of paint or flawless job.  The addition to of colorant added such as black pigment or known as titanium dioxide .  Will is use as additive for color retention for painting for interior and exterior painting .


A touch of color painting displays transparency in all services .  Whether we are conducting interior or exterior painting residential or commercial painting Top Job can execute high quality services always new equipment to finish the job faster , cleaner and safer.  Top Job knows when you are in a budget plan  phase and searching for several estimates always good to read up before making a informed decision . The professional painter contractor knows not to under bid a job because it always leads to cutting corners and low grade job.


Top Job only chooses high quality paint to make the job come out perfect .  Certain paints are uses in different areas , such as bathrooms use low sheen for washable and mildew prevention .  Trim and baseboards use satin finish for durable long lasting effects.


We use Benjamin Moore paint is known for high quality paint .  They use textures selection whether its for a silky smooth interior or hard texture for exterior painting for seasonal changes .


Make sure who ever you use for for a painter they put it in writing in the contract , local on your search engines , and are insured . These are most important after you develop a emotional response to whoever you select because , accidents do happen, businesses to go under  . Top Job we carry all insurances and send over to immediately before we start job .


Whether you are planning interior or exterior painting for your next project you must choose the proper painting tools DIY or hire a contractor knows what they are doing or to your benefits to work smarter and faster work production.  Purdy has wide variety from wool rollers last longer .  You can re-use brushes after you completed a job by washing rollers and sealing them in plastic .  Interior house painting suggests painting the ceilings, with certain lights reflects or darker colors need certain primers for and overall quality job .  If you are picky always do your own research .  Its better to get a great idea before talking to a paint contractor  . Top Job Restoration or contractor will understand what your budget is , colors you want that will great  from room to room , and also just being on the same page . will be more than glad to come out and give you an estimate.


Key points :



Material ( Flat paint , satin, or a blend for longer lasting results )

Labor hours for budget plans . Ask questions it helps!


Mold Damage Clean up Insurance Claim Experts

What makes Mold Grow fast or slow in homes over time?


Mold can grow with any organic food source and moisture .  It also feeds off oils on counter tops , wood spores , drywall you name it – Its organic it will grow .  Especially after a slow plumbing water supply line, roof damage , wet carpet and pipe burst in the winter time. It can grow within 48 hours with the proper temperature and moisture levels , example basements when in the winter pipe burst – forgot to keep heat at 55 degrees.  Start smelling moldy , mildew smells .  Allergies start kicking in when its not seasonal.  Red flag signs for mold.


How do I know if there is mold visually ?

Discolored patches on surfaces ORGANIC, such as black mold really bad for you .   Red stain on your shower curtain . Whether by sight or smell, any detection is time to disinfect find actual area to trouble shoot .  Can be the air duct vents , wet moldy carpet , and wet dry wall .


Where do you overlook mold sources?

Highest levels were found when working Top Job Restoration has been doing this for over 30 years .  Are window sills, air registers ( Vents)  , entryways .


How to extract or remove mold ?


Detergents and soap will actually feed mold sources .

Use a professional in these cases because it is tricky and potentially dangerous ,  Have use Epa bleach based products.  Top Job can use safer organic enzymes so not to bleach materials and also air scrub your house and decontaminate all areas .


Mold is bad for your health ?


Low levels of mold is usually not bad for your health.   If your allergic to mold it can speed up allergies or asthma or breathing problems .


How can you stop mold in its tracks ?

Controlling mold is to remove its source . mold is most areas to in homes or commercial properties , once red flag – damp, have high humidity levels – due to showers, cooking vents are not working properly or cold surfaces coming in somewhere – example hole in the roof .   So if its a bathroom or damp basement you need a small dehumidifier or exhaust van in the proper areas.   Air scrubbers and Industrial strength dehumidifiers can be used when hiring such a Certified clean trust firm company Top Job Restoration & Cleaning.

Other important tips for mold prevention :

Vacuum and clean regularly – daily , weekly , monthly ( really important for people who are sensitive to dust , mold , etc )

Don t carpet bathrooms and basements .

Add exhaust fans in attics , bathrooms and kitchens .

Also dehumidifiers are need to run in the basement ( you can buy a sensor at radio shack cheap it will tell you when turn off and on dehumidifier for energy savings .


Top Job Restoration has recent blogs on website


It will tell sources of areas  entry way of wet damp areas and how to fix exterior and interior , such as roofs , drywall infected areas and plumbing issues .


Top Job Restoration & Cleaning would be glad to come out and asses the situation immediately . We are emergency service clean up and property maintenance company .



Area Rug Cleaning & Upholstery Services

Top Job provides a pick up services for area rug cleaning , upholstery , and any other garments or textiles you can imagine .  Top Job checks over your Area rugs with a 12 step check process.  We take or clean any material on site or at our shop. We provide you with a letterhead and can be found locally through Bucks County , Pa , Montgomery County , Pa Delaware County , Pa and Medford Lakes , New Jersey .

We are part of the BBB , IICRC Clean trust certified company firm. Our websites are .

We have been i business for almost 35 years .


Our process is inspection and go over in detail report of what needs to be cleaned , repaired and we have storage or when we will service is completed .  We place all items in garment restoration bags , milli ply bags for protection .  We take items back to our shop .


Process of cleaning and repair items when at shop


We inspect items and take pictures for your items. We vacuum , use a lint brush , take extreme precautions of how to clean items like – area rugs, upholstery , and dry cleaning items . Top Job is a Master Care Fiber Textile Specialist .  We have daily pick up service and/or emergency service pick .  Our shops are Bryn Mawr , Pa Warrington, Pa , Medford Lakes , NJ


We have a steam clean process, dry cleaning process, dry foam process, bonnet scrubbing , we ozone soot damage clothes , air scrub moldy or mildew inorganic items . We also have a insurance claim representative who can go over items that need to be cleaned immediately and/or Emergency Services of all natures included that need to be done . We are Cleaning & Restoration Services .


We include several package to clean your items in advance giving to us we can offer certain specials .  We include cleaning, drying , repairing items.  Packaging into containers sealing them air tight for no contamination .  We specialize in hypo allergenic items for complete safe organic cleaners and MSDS data sheets for hyper sensitive clients .  Top Job can pretty much service anything in advance if you have special needs .


We are Certified Clean Trust Company Firm . Means we have to honor all work at highly professional mannerisms .  We service in work shirts and are easily noticeable with our business card handed to you and letterhead and are located highly recommended all over the internet .  Yelp, Yahoo, Bing, Merchant Circle , Google and other major search engines – these are testimonials you can find with computer .


We are always running specials . You can immediately contact us for price in detail or 267 973 8653 Mike

Top Job would immediately ask all questions at any time you feel you need update ,  services .  Top Job has competitive prices can be beat in written letterhead by 10 percent .

Roof Damage Repairs Structural Drying

Finding a emergency roofer or roofing contractor is not a hard.  But what may seem a project to find the perfect professional Top Job Roofing Restoration.  A dilemma by the roofing builder owner is that contractor s unprofessional half way through the job.  Top Job are under contracts and finish the job in days not weeks .  Can get ten estimates but quality is what we are about and done right the first time.  Sure you will call around especially during and emergency but  we board up and tarp roof and immediately go to work.  Top Job will dry out interior of house .  Over the course of a few days Top Job will finish up repairs and guidance pictures and recommendations .  Whether its regular maintenance on gutters , sealing rubber flat roofs, asphalts shingle repairs .  Step by step process is given and a guarantee.


Permanent place of business is the best start to indicate how long a company has been in business.   Can save huge trouble down the road if to hired two different roofers in emergency water damage restoration service. Top Job can provide all services from exterior of the roof to drying equipment for interior of house .  We cut costs at a fraction of the cost.  Top Job Provides insurance claim experts when needed so you don t have to pay a percentage out to public adjuster or insurance company pays the smallest amount .  We use a insurance software program to get coverage from insurance companies. We also hand over professional estimates typed in clear understanding on what is exactly going on from start to finish .

3 signs you need a new roof


No matter how hard you maintain your roof there will come a time notice depreciation of the roof .  Depends on the textile of the roof asphalt shingle 25-30 years , rubber roof depends rubber asphalt or stronger lasting material range from 25 years to 50 years .


The telltale signs –

Roof shingles inexpensive 20 years

Wood roof shingles 30 years

Tile roof unique appeal usually southwestern motif . Among the most expensive shingle but can last up to 80 years .


Whichever style of roof shingle decide would work best for your commercial or residential roof.  Top Job can come out and go over which roof shingle you decide.  Show you the price and longevity of roof .


We also specialize in water damage , structural damage and clean up . We have sister corporations who reflect as a unit to keep cost down in emergency services .  Basically your general contractor and broker in some cases do to insurance claims . We have 100 hundreds of years of experience , with workers on job site to stop costly damage of inexperience workers that you may have encounter . Top Job has credentials, insurance , but the most important is reviews and testimonials !